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Shade Gardening and Drainage

In shade gardening, drainage frequently becomes a problem especially if a slope is involved. As our chosen high canopy anchor trees get larger in our landscaping, the grass below becomes thinner and shallower rooted. This leads to the possibility of rutting created by runoff in anything but a mild drizzle. Sometime between year 10 and […]

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Pruning is one of the major tasks that we perform each year. If we have lots of moisture in May and June it starts to look as if we live in more tropical climes. The growth is just spectacular and abundant. This means we will spend two months pruning landscapes.

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Public Spaces

It is nice to drive and see the spaces that are wonderfully maintained by either neighborhood gardeners or even the jurisdictions themselves. Who does the maintenance of these public spaces is not as important as that it is being done and we the public get to enjoy it. In neighborhoods around our area early builders […]

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Spring has started!

March                                                                                                Can it really be the start of Spring? It just seems so odd that here we are in the first full week of March and it feels like Spring. This time last year we were still experiencing snow with measurable snow on both March 5th and March 20th. The last couple of years, […]

Spring and early season garden tasks

Late Winter 2016 With the warmer temperatures, I have been getting out and tackling early Spring tasks in the garden. Of course stick patrol is high on my list at this time of year just to tidy up my property. Second I have been cutting back perennials such as Liriope and ornamental grasses. I also do careful […]


Winter Storm 2016

Another storm of the century! It seems that the weather folks get off on scaring the heck out of everybody with their forecasts. I think they get paid by the descriptive word. It was a big snowfall, no doubt but the high winds never materialized and we got towards the low end of predictions. Most […]

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August 2014

August 2014   Well it’s been a heckuva season so far this year. First, Winter never seemed to want to let go, delaying the start to the Spring season by nearly 6 weeks. It seemed as if Spring bloomed all at once. Between early Spring pruning, the grass growing and planting annuals, it took us […]

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Spring 2014

Spring has really been procrastinating this year but I think we are done with Winter (and snow) until next Winter rolls back around. Spring may be late but I know it will be renewing to our gardens and spirits as it always is. It’s just such a great time of year as everything in nature […]

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Early Spring?

  We are all confused/upset/frustrated with the never ending Winter we seem to be stuck in. 8” of snow on St. Patrick’ Day? Yes it seems totally absurd but our weather so far to me, is just another example of typical Baltimore-Washington weather. In other words – anything goes. Remember last Spring? It was gorgeous […]

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Winter magic with water

  It’s so easy to love having water in your yard. The enjoyment to be had by the constant run of critters to water (as I sit here writing this I hear a crack of ice and a splash and I look up and see a neighborhood cat dragging himself out of the water and […]